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How to add variable from user table to template

Today I had to upgrade from vBulletin 4.0.5 to the latest 5.6.4 due to the server forcing me into the modern world with PHP 7.4.

All of my 10+ years of custom code and modifications is lost. I hate it but that's life.

I just want to recover the ucash balances (which are in the user table in the database) and display them under posts. I know that doing things like earning new points for posting and trading points isn't going to happen. It seems like vbulletin 5 is not easy to mod.

But for the sake of preserving our history, I just want to show the ucash balances.

Can someone help me with how I would do this in a template edit? Everything I know from vBulletin 4 is outdated.
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