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What's the correct way to REMOVE a Super Moderator?

Anytime I need to remove a super moderator I have to go change their usergroup from Super Moderator to Registered Users. But then that still doesn't delete their Super Moderator permissions and they can still do everything that they did as a super moderator. I have to go into the database and manually remove the row that they are on in the `moderator` table.

I know for moderators that there is a way to delete moderators via the `Forum Manager` as well as an option in the `Show all Moderators` page. But nothing for super mods. Also if I go into `Show all Moderators` , select the super mod that I am removing and then set all the permissions to NO then that will turn everything off but it still doesn't remove the field from showing up in `Show all Moderators`. Like I said I have to go into the database and physically remove that row from the `moderator` table.

So is there another more streamlined way of removing a super mod?
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