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Originally Posted by Zachery View Post
Removing a user from the super moderator usergroup DOES remove all of their permissions.
Wow I guess you are right! I don't know what happened but like two months ago I had removed a moderator from Super Moderator status only to find that he was still able to moderate even when he wasn't assigned as a Super Moderator nor was he assigned to any individual forums. I had found that it was because he still had the active permissions in the Show All Moderators page. So ever since then I been going into the DB and manually removing the permissions. However I just tested it out right now and after putting a Super Mod back into the Registered Users group it does seem to have disabled their permissions. It also deleted their name from the "Show all Moderators" page as well which it wasn't doing before. Must have been a bug fix from an upgrade that I installed or something I dunno but it's working now so THANKS for that Zachery.
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