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Two ways possible - creating inside admincp or writing directly in product-yourproductname.xml

It is the same way in vb4 and in vb5 so you should read (not all parts the same but for options it is) and for debug modus (in vb4 only one config.php exists)

My advice:
Create new product as described above, add options /optiongroups and export after every step the product-...xml. So you can see the relevant xml-syntax at the end of this file
<options><settinggroup name=""..><settings varname="">
<phrases><phrasetype><prase name="">
with naming conventions for optiongroup and option
Examples <phrase name="setting_SETTINGSVARNAME_desc/_title" and <phrase name="settinggroup_SETTINGGROUPNAME"
And at this point check also help text for your options and so on

With this you can write it later directly to xml. And as an example I used often as reference download the product YaAS 4.0.9 (Yet another award system) and read the xml with implementations of different option types.

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