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Few Questions, need quick reply!

I am launching my forum tomorrow. I need help!

I need a free plugin or something that will turn my links into stuff like this:

Instead of /member.php?u=2 it should be /member.php?u=Nath

Instead of /showthread.php?p=24 it should be /showthread.php?p=upcoming-fixtures

I want to block my members and moderators and everyone apart from my admins to be able to change their user title.

Where do i edit the allowed size for a signature image.

Is there a plugin where if some one posts a big image, it automatically gets shortened, and if you click the image, it takes you to the url of the image with the original size.

I also need a latest news plugin that only logged in members can see. Just something on the home page, underneath the menu bar, where i can write the latest news on the forum. Once again, i only want my members to see this, not guests.

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