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Originally Posted by Bouncer222 View Post
So does this track ONLY those registered on your site? Or anyone in irc?
If not, could it be made to track only those registered on the site? Or better yet only those in specific usergroups?

Normally, mIRCStats is used only for IRC.

What I've done is adapt it to use vBShout's logs and then let it do it's stuff. So it's any vBShout instance and chatroom that it'll use. So anything said in that chatroom is included in the output file I generate.

I'll see about limiting it to specific usergroups, I know it can be done. I just need to work out the SQL query to do it. =) Normally though, these stats are much more fun and interesting the more people involved. But I suppose if whatever usergroup you'd want to use has enough active chatters in it, it'll probably work out well enough for you.
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