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Originally Posted by Bouncer222 View Post
Thanks for the fast reply.
I am still in the process of reading about installing and configuring mircstats.
The same question goes for regular IRC. If memory serves me right, there are a couple irc mods on that when you connect to irc, it uses your forum name, OR it only lets registered users on the site connect to it.

But then again, anyone on the internet can connect to an irc from another site (I don't know if irc's can use passwords, but I don't want to set one anyway).

So the question is, can it be made to track those registered on our site only as well for a regular IRC?

The reason being so, we have a bot that we're going to install on our irc, and it's going to spit out chat from all our gaming servers into the irc, that's going to be a lot of useless information that it will record in the mircstats system.
BTW, I'd check out mibbit if you're looking for vB->IRC integration. I used that on my website and it worked very well. Just not enough interest from my members in IRC so I removed it.

Most of your questions really revolve around mIRCStats and what it can do for you. I'll try and answer as best I can.

You'd need a way to signify someone as a member of your website or not. Since people can use any name they want in IRC, or change their name there, that's not really going to be easy. About all I can think of right now is making everyone that connects through the website auto voiced in IRC, then only include voiced people in your stats or something.

As for the bot spitting out all of the data, you can exclude specific nicks from being included in the stats through mIRCStats as well, so that won't be a problem for you at all (I used to have a bot doing the same sort of things you're talking about years ago).
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