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Originally Posted by tpearl5 View Post
Awesome! Let me know if you have any suggestions! What are you using to track updates?
Thanks for the offer, but that will take some time to see what it really achieves on the other end. I was using another mod from the graveyard meanwhile and noticed that BigG was dropping a few thousand threads. Of course, I adjusted the screw tighter very slowly and careful. But in the end - after 2 months - I had no significant loss of visitors, but a slightly better time on site, pages per visit. IŽld expect the same from yours and starting at the point, where IŽm now leaving the old mod.

WeŽve been monitored by AGOF ( Quite expensive, but worth the money. So we always now, when and where Google made an update, called as out with a penalty aso. Guess, thereŽs something similiar existing for the US.
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