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Originally Posted by Kenny62 View Post
Ah, so click "edit" next to "channel member"..... now I see the option "require moderation for posts"... whew! I found it!

Originally Posted by Kenny62 View Post
Unfortunately it's already set to "no".
I expect you have looked at the option in permissions for channel management?

Originally Posted by Kenny62 View Post
However, we still had an occasion in recent days where a couple posts got held for "approval" and a forum admin had to go find them and approve them so they could post. How could this happen if this option is set to no?
Unexplainable persistent vB 5 magic.

Originally Posted by Kenny62 View Post
The other question is, in the event posts do get sidelined for moderation (approval) where are they held? The forum admin couldn't find the location and used the "check recent posts" by given user feature and then found the two that were awaiting approval.
I have wondered this a few times. As far as I am aware, all that is given as an indicator is a little yellow triangle that gets displayed on the thread the the post is in. Even though I subscribe, I get no indication of any new post whatsoever.

Some more unexplainable persistent vB 5 magic.

Good luck at also....
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