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MyBB to vb 4.2.5 Attachment Issue

I'm having an issue with importing a MyBB forum to vb using Impex.

Not all of my attachments are coming over. If I look in my MyBB uploads folder, I can see several subfolders with attachments in them. they typically have filenames of post_##_##.attach and _thump.jpg.

I also have a whole bunch of these files in the root of the uploads folder, but these are all named post_0_xxxx_thump.jpg and .attach.

In the MyBB forum these all work, but none of these come over.

Only the ones that have post numbers did.

Prior to MyBB, I was using SMF, so perhaps that's where those came from.

Is there a way for me to fix these so that an import will get them associated to the correct posts?

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