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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Is this the plugin you have installed right now for the "sidebar anywhere" functionality?
Thanks for mentioning that Dave. I should have also mentioned that before I posted the thread...I looked thru all the installed plug-in products (via the Admin CP)...and there's no product there (Sidebar Anywhere) or other plug-in product (as far as I know) that would do this.

Only thing I can conclude is someone inserted code directly into the template (no plug-in product)...since I cannot find anything via the Admin CP.

I have sidebar blocks on the website home page that are setup via the "Forum Blocks Manager"...but the sidebar blocks on the next level deeper into the website (where the thread lists are)...are where the sidebar blocks I'm trying to work with are located.

I'm thinking if I knew what template or templates are involved in rendering the thread list pages...I might be able to find this sidebar code.

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