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Originally Posted by Evangelinee View Post
Bought a licence for VB3 last night, and copied licence data into the GUi. I get a message saying "ERROR! Could not save the licence file". The GUI then shows it IS registered to me, all working fine. However, next time I open VB3 in Sonar it is back in demo mode.
If you had an unlicensed version installed previously, then purchased a license, you must upload the files that match the license.

For example, when you login and download vBulletin, it prepares a .zip file, in the process it generates and inserts your license # into the files. The license number you enter, must match the license associated with the files in order to show as properly licensed software.

Download a fresh copy of the vBulletin 3.x version from the Members Area, that matches your vBulletin License then upload those files (edit config.php to copy the database and other details from the old config, to the new config before uploading). *Run a backup of the filesystem and database before attempting any of this (or copy the entire /forum/ or /public_html/ folder if you have enough disk space) in case you need to revert for some reason.
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