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Originally Posted by Xanlamin View Post
When your hoovering your mouse over a user look at the bottom of your web browser, it has the address to the members profile, the number in front of the user name is the member number (aka. Member ID). Not asking for support, just letting you know that vBulletin does let you know what the Members ID number is by default, always has, it is just not the same format as it used to be, that is has the number AND the name at the same time where as before it just had the number.
well i knew it...ever since...and this is not the same as you trying to tell me...but do you think that all members like newbie knows it?....and is it more nice to see it on your naked eyes on you post, profile page or anywhere? without hovering ypour mouse to each usernam and look at the bottom of your monito window...well that' depend to each people taste...

in fact..i am not pushing people to install or use this mod...right? let's leave them to have their decission on this...wether they find it it or not

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