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Well, I will have a BETA up in my forum tomorrow. I have been running tests on it, but want to try a few fresh installs. Had to update some of the template edits (nothing too major).

I am almost positive it is multi-db capable, however the entire stumbling block on this to begin with is not so much with the scripting, as it is with certain installations of PHP from which I understand only allow one connection to a database per instance. This may be for older installs as I do not seem to have the issue on the latest PHP5..

As for the xmlrpc feature, I seemed to have gotten that to work too, with a hitch. It requires that you change users passwords in WP via the admincp before it will work. Probably would require a VB plugin to work around that, and honestly, I am not sure if there is such a demand... Basically, the issue is, WP just takes the password and runs it through md5() and saves it. Vbulletin on the other hand does an md5(md5(password . salt)) save.. Rather tricky on how to get the real password. I can only guess a plugin that will grab the users password via VB when they login and save it md5() to the WP database..

Well, that is all for the future.. I have a couple testers for tomorrow that will hopefully find any bugs that may be in the new code..
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