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As for what has changed:

Added TABLE_PREFIX throughout the script instead of the get_option('vbb_VBPRX') call. get_option('vbb_VBPRX') is now deprecated.

Addressed path issues by establishing $vwd first. If for some reason there are path issues on an install, the path only needs to be manually changed once, at the beginning of the script.

Removed call to admin_db.php which seems to no longer be necessary.

Changed all queries to the VB database to be handled by the $vbulletin object. This should facilitate multiple database configurations.

Added limited XMLRPC support.

Had to include a basic copy of the functions_wysiwyg.php file (functions_wysiwyg2.php) with a minor change in the sanitize_url function (now sanitize_vburl) as it conflicts with a new WP function of the same name. Otherwise, this is identical to the VB release. This was necessary to keep formatting somewhat uniform between the two.

Removed unnecessary globals.

Changed the global.php call so it always loads. $vbulletin should be available throughout the code (via global in functions).

Edited some code around wysiwyg functions of VB, and conversions to vbcode.

Added "Turn Plugin On" option.

Fixed an issue with the forum list on the "Write Post" page. Default forum was not being auto selected in some cases.
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