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Originally Posted by RenatoMN View Post

Thanks for the suggestion, very cool!!

I have no control over the stickies db query (it's the only query without hooks in forumdisplay.php), therefore I can't filter them by letter.

However, I can hide them from page 2+ (or hide them in all pages) when filtering for a letter.

If you have too many sticky threads that mess your thread listing, maybe they should not be stickies, but only highlighted with a Prefix or a [tag] in the title (the tag will make them appear when filtering for symbols/numbers (clicking #)).

But now (with this new attached file) you may simply set to hide all sticky threads when filtering for a letter (only from page 2 or in all pages)!

Originally Posted by RenatoMN View Post

You didn't even downloaded the last attached file and I already got around the lack of hooks for sticky threads!

This is the first function of the mod that handles an internal forumdisplay.php variable ($limitothers) ($prefix_filter). I do not like to do it, but I LOVED the result

NEW version attached.

Obs: need some test to confirm that users not allowed to see threads started by others see them when filtering by letter, but I think I coded right
I've Tested the Latest Version Attached on Post 37, and is Working Great, Renato.

It's Hiding the Sticky Threads from the Second Page on.

It's Filtering and Sorting the Sticky Threads with the "Filter Sticky Threads?" Option Set to "Yes", and when Set to No it Sort them but Present them All on the First Page. (Great Feature).

It's Very Nice the Option to Set the # Text as Desired.

And of Course the rel="nofollow" Parameter as You Describe on the ACP Mod Option, is Very Important to Keep it not to have Duplicate Content.

I Loved the New Features, Renato, Congratulations for this Great Mod and Thank You Again For Sharing it.

I Hope You Can Include the Usergroup Permissions Option on the ACP Mod's Options.

My Best Regards.

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