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I don't have a twitter account and have no desire to have one, to be honest. Not my thing, I guess.

As far as going there and posting links, I would venture to say what you saw earlier is ACTUAL people linking back to the site from the twitter post. Spiders are quick, but they don't act that fast usually. I added some jokes to my site earlier, as I knew it would draw some spiders. I was trying to test the hack after your post. I got a Google spider about 30 minutes later, which is on par.

The best way to test it is compare the amount of spiders on the forumhome and the who's online. If that matches up, then everything is working right. I don't add any code to the who's online as that is all vb doing the spiders there. I just add the total count. But I do add code for pulling the spiders on the forumhome as well as the total count. I have been using this product since way back in 3.5 and it hasn't failed me yet.
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