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Originally Posted by Spinball View Post
Have you considered any of these ideas?
I figured the issue of having links added to posts should be told to the users by way of an announcement and/or forum rules noting that the forum has a policy of auto-linking certain keywords and users should understand some links may be added to their posts. If you want to list your keywords or such that is up to you.

If your're using skimwords they should already be used to this.

The custom CSS option allows you to make links generated by this mod look different than ordinary user-added links so that could help reduce confusion too.

I suppose I could add an option to append a line to any post altered by this mod something like "For your convenience some keywords in this post have been auto-linked." - Obviously something you could edit.

But the tracking of links would involve edits to the database and that was never something I was intending to do with this mod. May I add it one day- possibly- but it likely will not be anytime soon.

Adding a spot for a 1-pixel gif would only help track if someone was willing to make a separate gif for each keyword. It could be done but does anyone really want to go through that much trouble? And it would only show how many times a link was displayed, would be of no help tracking clicks.
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