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This modification was a live saver for me. I had gotten a warning by Google to not put ads on threads with pics of hot models (just regular bikini pics) etc so I moved all the threads that Google might flag into a subforum. I then used a conditional in the templates that I had ads in to keep ads from being displayed in that subforum.

Once that was done, I used threadblocker to block guests from threads that could be considered 'too hot'. I only have a couple threads like that. I know it would just be easier to put threads like that in a private subforum but I do not really allow people to post threads like that. When I encounter them, I merge them all into one thread so that it's easy to find.

By putting those threads in a private subforum, you could lose potential SEO benefits as the title of that thread could be a popular search term.

That's how this modification, REALLY comes in handy because not all the threads in that subforum is blocked.

A guest would still have access to some threads which might tempt them to join out of curiosity.
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