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Originally Posted by NoMatt3r View Post
If i add usergroup 1 to ACP->Application Forms->Application Form Settings they cannot see the types anymore. Does it not work if allow unregistered users in Application Types->Allowed Usergroups to see the application group but in Application Positions->Allowed Usergroups i do not allow unregistered to apply for the position?

All posts/threads made by guests are registrated users on my board (i've checked their name) and you cannot use the app addon without being logged in (although only usergoup 8 is set in ACP->Application Forms->Application Form Settings). Maybe they get logged off during filling out the application and thus the posts/threads are created by guests?

EDIT: Just tested it and if you log off while having the application opened and then submitting it, the post is made by guest. Can you implement a login check after hitting the submit button?
If the unregistered/not logged in usergroup is not allowed to see the application type or the application position, then they have no access to either one. They can't fill out an application with those settings at all.

I can not duplicate the log off problem. Whether or not a member is in the forbidden usergroups in settings is checked at the very beginning of the script, long before the call to send the application.

Please describe exactly how you are logging out and getting back to the application page to click the send button.

Also, the exact settings for the application type and the application position that you are having problems with might help me track down the problem.

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