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thanks for your reply jedi , i didnt just want to say this but i dont know didly squat about none of this . i been trying to learn here n there. my question is why if with the other 5 skins i have i managed to change colors on all this above pics . however once i installed the bp-purple and another skin , 2 new xml files to the skin options . its those 2 only that i cant seem to change the background color on . the others i managed to do just fine ... its just these 2 that wont take . however while the chat box displays in the forum home its fine once we go over to arcade it and the arcade have white block backgrounds. im sorry i have no clue . as i said before nothing has changed from when i edited colors in the other skins except that i added 2 new ones but the block color wont change for them .. please bare with me i need help that i dont know where to find .. ive tried GOOGLE in every way