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Originally Posted by TheLastSuperman View Post
I don't see this in the xml file, furthermore if you check your screenshot provided it seems you have an error when installing styles (and/or possibly mods) thus we see the eval'd() statement in your screenshot.

Please try installing this on a forum without any current issues to see if this occurs again. It's entirely possible you've been hacked or compromised. Alsternatively I didn't install this theme, so unless the malicious code is hidden in the serialized styevar defitnions (which would not show during review of file only) I can't see how this was done.

I did notice the author included his own GA code in the file so that has been removed, new file is now uploaded.
my dear
I do not know how this happened
But I checked all the files and the codec did not show this code only when installing the style.
I will not try installing it again.
Best Regards
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