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Converting banned domain to accepted domain

Hello all,

I am new to vBulletin and am attempting to restrict user registrations to a a single domain. Basically, only allowing users from a single company to register and to force using the work email address when registering.

I found this solution from back on v3,
but things have changed a bit. When I look at the registration.php file, I don't see a section dealing with email domain checking. Am I missing something?

Is it reasonable to add a banned domain through the admin panel and then to go into the code and swap the 0 and 1 cases to only allow from the "banned domain, " thereby turning the blacklist into a whitelist? This seems simplest without altering any of the functionality of the site or replacing lots of functionality with my own clumsy code.

Does anyone know where the banned email handling is done? or if the is_banned_email() function still exists somewhere?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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