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Originally Posted by RedeemedWarrior View Post
So is this the awards system with the word Award replaced globally and internally with rank?
Basically yes but technically no - Jur reworked it to be separate and therefor both mods still work and retain their individuality and database differences plus the location of the image or showcase is different however if you are familiar w/ VB code it can be changed around to display in another location in postbit or if you use postbit_legacy. If it were just the same w/ words replaced it would not have two options in admincp i.e. separate areas for Ranks System & Awards System as seen in the admincp screenshot.

Basically at TGW in our sponsored Tournaments we have it to where you recieve awards after good performance on battledays which can be 1-5 to 10 or however many you deserve via your Captain or Command Staff... so we wanted a separate area to display their army rank so it would not get lost in all the awards .

Is that what you were wondering? Let me know if any of it was unclear or you require more info.

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