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The functionality to create/manage and display the ranks is working without error in 3.7.3 PL1

I do have one issue that is not working. When you click the request rank, below is what is in the thread that is created. It doesnt work. It incomplete link info and im not sure what urlself is.

APPROVE by pressing the following link:[urlself=approve_rank.php?do=approverank&rank_id=1& rank_name=Private&rank_img_url=ranks/paladin.gif&rankuserid=&issue_reason=im cool&rank_sendpm=0&rank_sendemail=0&thread=&post=] CLICK HERE TO APPROVE [/urlself]

I have a suggestion. You should add permissions so that we can specify what usergroups can manage this in the modcp. I would only want to allow certain groups who currently have modcp access to manage this specifically.

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