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Originally Posted by Bouncer222 View Post
Just an addition to my previous post, the reason it cuts out a square where the medals should be is because the user hasn't received any medals, so if they have no medals it's going to mess up the post like that.
I'll tweak the conditional on displaying if the user has 0 awards.

Originally Posted by GrossKopf View Post
Ok, got another problem. Awards aren't showing up in the user profile if I click on the award in a forum post:

Clicking on the Awards tab in the profile works fine:
Yes, that I do believe is a bug in vB 4.0. A few other users in other forums, and have posted on that.

Originally Posted by Veer View Post
Beta 2 style bugs:

If I use Postbit: Style 1 in postbit i get this result:
Attachment 109741

If I use the same in postbit_legacy, result is:
Attachment 109742

If I use Postbit: Style 2 I get the buttons like this:
Attachment 109743
With some of the CSS Style changes in vB4 it does seem that some issues exist. When I wrap only the awards with a border, it tries to wrap the majority of the postbit. I will check to see if I can better isolate this.
Again, thank you guys for helping me get this most tested and getting a lot of the bugs worked out in preparation for Gold release.

Sorry about bailing on the forums earlier today, my Internet went down and just came back up not too long ago.

For the users that were getting the SQL Grouping error, what MySQL version are you running? Although, I did fix it I do believe in the updated XML.
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