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Originally Posted by linuxwhy View Post
As I remember, IE 6 is not supported anymore from this version on.
IE7 is also unsupported. They didn't go out of the way to break things on ie6/7 but they won't fix issues that only happen in ie 6 or 7.

Originally Posted by galerio View Post
Post Release: here another revenue plugin integrated in the core... Why? Who really wants it? How it is possible that VB guys continue to introduce revenue plugins by default? It seems they want to gain more money from referrals than from sells of VB.
You seem to have answered your own question. Don't forget vBulletin is a business, any way to make additional profit without upsetting customers too much will no doubt be considered.

I say this as an individual with experience in business, my position with vb support does not make me privy to ANY official VB business deals.
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