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I'm not sure as to what the error is, I haven't recieved any error logs. All I know is that on the bottom left hand corner of IE7 it says "Error on page" after the page has loaded and I double click one of the links.

Here's some more info on my install though. I started out on 3.6.8 and upgraded to 3.7.3 and after I upgraded I noticed 3.7.4 came out a day or so after I had first upgraded, so I upgraded a second time. That's when I noticed odd things start happening like the forum wouldn't keep me logged in after I had logged in within half an hour before. This happened even after I selected the "keep me logged in" checkbox.

The problem could be in my upgrading the forum I could have made a mistake but I don't believe I did. Just putting that out there if that helps any.
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