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I have a question, as the screen shot displayed you compared the thread by posts that made in the last x (criteria), so I wonder if this product check all threads for this criteria or only threads that created in that criteria period? you know some times a very old thread suddenly get a lot of replys in one day, so it is logically must be a trend in that day.
The product will check for all the posts posted in a timeframe, so, yes, if an old thread suddenly gets a lot of posts, it will be in the trending list too.

I will add another condition in the next update that allow admin to specify the timeframe for the thread too (currently it's only for posts of the thread), so you have the choice to capture old threads or not.

Another note: could you please explain the sorting algorithm here? because the screen shot shows threads with different cont of replys without logical sort!!
I planned to let admins choose the sorting that they wanted, but haven't implemented it yet due to other planning for additional conditions (eg. X views in last X) and additional content types. It will be added in the next update.

Feature suggest:
I wish you add another trending dealing with tags not only threads, for me I using a product here to use hashtags and convert them to tags, so I hope there is a way to display trending hashtags/tags.
Thanks I will definitely put that in mind for hashtags/tags in the next release. Which product are you using for dealing with hashtags?
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