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A while back I knew a lot about this because I was working on somethng that used the forum info, and now I've forgotten. Maybe the best thing is to look at forumdisplay.php (and also be prepared to look into any included files to see where stuff comes from, like init.php and global.php).

A lot of stuff gets cached to avoid doing a lot of database queries. For instance, the forum info gets used a lot, so once the query's been done the array is serialized and saved as a big string to avoid doing a complex query every time someone vists the home page. There's a $vbulletin->forumcache that's an array by forum id, and one of the fields is 'title', so $vbulletin->forumcache['12']['title'] should be the name of forum with id 12. There's also a variable called $foruminfo, I can't remember what that's for. You'll have to investigate to see under what circumstances these things are filled in (or maybe someone else can help).
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