Thread: vBulletin 3 Request - what style / theme is this?
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Vbulletin 3.x has a lot of interesting themes. I bought this one in the past, I can't remember the place. This is one of the themes I use in my vb 3.x forum but unfortunately it is not responsive. The logo in the header is no longer political, the forum is now a generalist forum (photo, travel, techno, health, dating ...).

The only interest for me in this old theme is the bright yellow serpentines going up and down on each side of the forum. I had thought of using them on your vb5 dragon themes that I ultimately did not buy. I am not a gamer, so I prefer flat themes.

I guess converting Tigra to vb5 will be easy for you. I will contact you later when I am ready to submit a conversion project to you. I am still and still under vb 3.8 at the moment.
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