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Originally Posted by deezelpope View Post
Ok, question...this was in the folders to upload...DS_store...what is it and does it get uploaded? Cuz I get a critical tranfer error in my FTP.
Just delete them. Sorry about that. Thought I removed all of them.

Mac OS X generates files called .DS_Store that can often create confusion for non-mac users. These files are essentially harmless. They often become an issue when a developer (on a Mac) creates an archive file (such as a .zip) for people to download. They are invisible in the Finder, so Mac users never know they exist. But when a user on Linux or Windows downloads the archive and extracts it, they'll see this file and then wonder what it's doing there. Is it important to the program they downloaded? Can they just delete it? In the past, I've created such .zip packages that (unknowingly) contained .DS_Store files. Then I've gotten emails wondering what those files were for. I've even been accused of including viruses in my downloads! And all the while I had no idea they even existed.
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