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Originally Posted by Lynne View Post
Somebody being cute and adding the link in an image tag. Everyone who clicked this page gave him Likes. I've removed it and will look into this.
Who is " someone ??
Originally Posted by Paul M View Post
Someone aiming for a ban.

Missing JS has been uploaded now.
I clearly told about the bug : "
If a user puts the "like button " URL in a image tag ... what would happened ? or " the security token prevent unwanted execution of clicking like button ?
It dosen't worked for me because I couldn't like my own post ... and I wasn't sure that
it works !!
I tested the code and I saw that there is a bug in your new facility ... but I couldn't remove the others " like" .!
It seems that you thought I am going to use it here ?? so you gave me a warning card ?
I think there was a miss-understanding !!
If you put a Remove " button I would remove them all.
I wasn't sure about the bug in here ... because there was a same bug for " post thank you " hack ... but after vbulletin used " security token " the bug has been fixed !