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Originally Posted by realmr View Post
...Have u checked disabling add-ons and enabling them back on after a day or 2 to find the difference ? There could be an outdated add-on which could be causing the issue.
That's something we are doing now, thanks for the suggestion.

Originally Posted by Digital Jedi View Post
Did you ever consider going back to a copy of the database from before the problems started occurring? True, that might be a last resort depending on the situation. But if you haven't had good up time since the problems started, maybe the loss will be negligible. At the least, you narrow down the potential list of problems.
Thanks for the suggestion. We have been running now since yesterday evening without any major problems. However, that is something we will consider seriously if we run into problems again.

It now appears that the issue may have been caused by some old data that was backed up on the VPS. I am currently working with Servint to have this data deleted and hopefully that will resolve the issue once and for all.
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