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Had vBSEO on a new forum, should I keep it installed, or reinstall without it?

I am in the (slow) process of setting up a vB 4 forum.
I had installed vBSEO a while ago, when it was still semi-alive, and I liked the rewrite options that it gives, and the URL rewrite options for the forums (if it matters, I set it to 002 - Hierarchic directory type URLs with content relevant threads).
I still haven't done much set up work, or opened my forum, so it wouldn't be a big deal to reinstall vB and set it up without vBSEO.
Question is, if vBSEO is still working (I believe I applied a fix which was mentioned somewhere, which causes it not to check with their now retired site), does it make sense to keep it, if it will give me better SEO, and more elegant looking URLs?
Or should I be re-setting up my vB installation without vBSEO?
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