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Originally Posted by Black Snow View Post

I am unsure why, but my server loads never seem to drop any lower than these:

Server Load Averages 3.11 3.88 4.15 | 13 Users Online (1 members and 12 guests)

I am on a godaddy shared host. I have heard they cram hundreds of hosting accounts onto each server and was wondering if this could be the cause?

Any way I can pinpoint the cause?
That's not overly high and also not all you, as you apparently already know.

Doesn't matter the company, if you are on a shared hosting server it is likely to have alot of sites on it. That's not strictly a Godaddy issue. I have used GD for over ten years, no issues and great service. Most of the gripes on GD are regurgitated, politically motivated stuff. Same company owns vBulletin and GD.

Call back when server load is consistently 30 and up, or so. You got no problems.

Link to your site?
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