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Originally Posted by Mark.B View Post
There is certainly no marketplace or auction add-on for vB5.

You need to ask yourself this question: "Why do I want to upgrade?".
What is currently broken or not working on vB4 that is fixed in vB5?
What essential features (for you) are in vB5 that are not in vB4?

If you cannot give yourself valid answers to these question, then you should stay where you are.

NB the above advice applies to major upgrades for any software at all.

Great advice for sure. The "upgrade" would be for improvements to the sites functionality and better overall user interface. But at that time, I was clueless on all that..since, I've come to learn that 5.x isn't really much of an upgrade if all the good stuff is in vb 4.x

I can't lose that type of stuff: auctions, classifieds..etc.
So as of right now, I'm looking at other vb 4.x options or better add-ons that fit my needs..some add-ons didn't work at all..or were too hard to troubleshoot. Thank you for your reply and advice, it does help.
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