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Ahh, I just noticed you responded to my other thread and made this... I was about to ask about this again.

This is exactly what I'm trying to do...


Green is the default forum\channel title and description.

The red is the custom page title for the channel and a more detailed description that is longer than what should be included in a META description.

The blue there is something I wish I could change in the breadcrumbs as well... my reasoning for that is because the default Forum breadcrumb is ALWAYS there, which I'd like to actually remove and if you have a category with a descriptive title with another forum as it's child with a descriptive title as well... you end up with this long breadcrumb line that becomes 2 lines eventually when someone is using a mobile device. An example is below:

Forum > vBulletin 5 Connect > Support Issues & Questions > vBulletin 5 Tutorials
That breaks into 2 lines on my phone when looking at the site.

Since I'm using my "Forum" page as my homepage, I don't need "Forum" there. And if the breadcrumb titles could be modified, it would work great this way:
(Forum >) vBulletin 5 Connect > Support > Tutorials

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