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Originally Posted by e-brooker
Ideally a site would use identifiable folders:

/gallery - for the gallery
/blogs - for the blogs
/forum - for the forums
/articles - for the articles etc

However, when it comes to vB and its hacking potential, I wondered would it be best to install it in root, and then would the above be possible in relation to how it appears/works to site visitors?
Depends on how the new site and the modifications to vbulletin are configured. The instructions for photopost vb gallery and vbadvanced links, for example, say to put it in the root folder and then the scripts connect to vbulletin in its folder. So I have my root directory with vbulletin in its own directory which I think is the most flexible and leaves me free to put in my own index page or portal and expanding the site to include things not vbulletin related is easy.
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