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Originally Posted by Razz
I disagree, if you think that vB addons such as a gallery shouldn't have their own folder then they also shouldn't have a folder for their functions and configs, these should also be in the relevant vB default folders.
yea, ahhhhhh - ok

Originally Posted by Razz
The advantage to having the entire gallery in its own folder and vB in a non root folder is that the urls are better and you can also point subdomains directly to them. e.g /
You can also do that with vbulletin in ROOT.

Originally Posted by Talisman
Princeton: I see no reason why you should influence new vB owners to a fixed configuration with the forum application set up in the doman root folder ONLY -- simply because that happens to be YOUR personal preference. You already know this approach conflicts with the way most portals/cmps available for vBulletin would require the directory structure to be set.
yep, they mostly have it that way to decrease help desk issues ... is it the "best option"? In my opinion NO. Please read between the spaces ... "In my opinion".

Originally Posted by Talisman
But don't impose your preferences (or your prejudices) on new owners who don't know what their options truly are and who lack the technical expertise to change the vB install location by themselves in the future. That's not helping them.
Oh please, now you are imposing your own "preferences (or your prejudices) on new owners". The difference between you and I is that I am sharing my experience(s) with others by making a statement. Yea, I believe people are smart enough to come to their own conclusions.

If everyone thought like you, "don't impose your preferences (or your prejudices)", ... there would be no internet.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ... if you don't do what I SAY ... you will suffer the consequences--and, loose all your hair.

Originally Posted by Talisman
Your rather heavy-handed recommendation here really makes a mess of the site later on if any new/inexperienced user follows your guidance to install vB this way but later decides they ALSO want to use a portal/cmps page or some other application that needs the (more common) "domain/forums" setup instead of a "domain/root" setup. Both the vBadvanced CMPS package and the vBportal package were specifically designed to provide this feature for vBulletin AND they both are beautifully integrated with vB.
you can have any of the above applications running on your site with vbulletin in ROOT ... so, what's the problem?
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