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Just a few suggestions/requests for this mod, if I don't find a way to do them myself :

-Find a way to reverse the view order (or give the user an option to reverse the order) so it appears from oldest at the top, to newest at the bottom, with the quick reply box at the bottom of the list so it appears more like a thread
(I know this has already been requested)

-Add a check box to allow the user to select all messages in the conversation for deletion

-Give a drop down box with more options when a message is selected (just like when you're in the standard "View Inbox" view, there is a drop-down box with delete, move, mark read, mark unread, and export options with a Go! button)

-Currently, after you delete a message or choose to look in your Sent Items or Inbox (or any custom folder), you are returned to the standard Private Messages view, not Private Conversations. Improve the usability of this function to return back to Private Conversations for the end user so that they don't have to click on the "Private Messages" button in the welcome block or "List Messages" in the User CP just to get back to the Private Conversations view.

-Put more user information about the sender than their avatar and username with a link to their profile. Can easily reproduce the format here based on what's in the postbit template for the threads in the forums to show the user's name, their title, a drop-down box for the user information, as well as instant messaging icons and other information.

I definitely like it so far, though! I was getting tired of multiple levels of nested quotes in my PMs!
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