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Originally Posted by mokujin View Post
If you are using cPanel, you can "copy" your database to another - new one and then neednt make any backup . If there is error, then you can use the new database without restore
You are correct, thanks for the reminder I'm so used to doing it the long drawn out way due to host lol

Originally Posted by msnhockey View Post
alot of people are making these mistakes because it doesn't specify in the readme when they download. maybe that should be included so the noobs don't forget to do this.
I first thought that but sometimes LESS info is better because too much can be confusing, basically everyone needs to do their homework before purchasing and or admin'n their own forum (that sounded blunt, not intended that way but it's the truth honestly ) and remember they are not noobs... that's only for gaming imo where you have the right to be such, running a forum that you want to benefit you and the members takes time and a lot of "homework" being done before you even open it to the public

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