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Originally Posted by Max Taxable View Post
And in my case that's a dumb thought. I don't care if you're from Mars. I've worked with developers from all over the world for many years, in fact Pakistanis are some of my favorite people.

I have not found it common among them however, to insult people just for not giving them a XML file. So maybe you're different. Maybe it's just you, playing the victim card. And as I knew and as it turned out, it would not have helped you.

That's not the XML file or even related remotely to it, for those who might be interested.
I apologize. It feels good to know that people respect despite of countries or race.

Originally Posted by Max Taxable View Post
Haha! You know for sure the LAST thing I am ever going to do is study the javascript file! Nice work!
Lol I should also learn it
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