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I think we may have paid a price for bookmarking the landing page. Try
You're wrong in your take about furries.

People who have researched furry found it's just a innocent hobby.

Researchers have found that furry is just a innocent hobby.

“We find that, with most furries and their fur suits, there’s no sexual element to it for the vast majority of fursuiters,” says Plante. “It’s because they want to be a cartoon character in the real world.”

From another research paper published on furry

Furries revealed: Study finds only 4% of enthusiasts say their 'fandom' is about sex (although 35% of the public thinks otherwise)

And another

Furries aren’t fetish freaks, they want to fit in with fun fuzzy friends, study finds that many are in it for purely platonic reasons.

I found a lot of studies about furry fandom. And they're all saying the same exact thing:furry is just a innocent hobby, listen to what the studies say.
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