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Originally posted by SteveK
I've just tried downloading once in text mode and it works great. Will try other file types and importing later.
To clarify, selecting .zip as the extension won't actually make the files zipped! They will still be in text mode.

How about the ability through the interface to delete previously saved directories of templates. Since the directory and files are written by www, you can't easily remove them via ftp.
That would require either saving all templates folders to the database in a special table, or having a script to go through the server and letting you do stuff with folders.

Another idea would be the ability to save the templates in a user specified directory besides the forum/admin directory. Best would be below root but don't know if this is possible.
AFAIK, you can't CHMOD folders below your public folder. Because of that, PHP won't be able to write to these folders.
TBH I don't really see the need for specifying folders that deep. :stupid:

And one more idea would be a drop down box that would allow you to select just a few templates to download vs. a complete dump of all templates.
Ok, I think I will add some kind of select box you can select templates from. Altough it would be very hard for the user to select all templates he wants, if there are a lot of them.

Okay, just one more idea.... how about being able to zip them up and send the downloaded templates out to us via email?? This is handy as many times I'm not on a system that I can FTP from (due to company proxy settings)
I actually thought of that, and I was sure it's a great idea.
The problem is, not all servers can zip files/folders on the server, because a special module is needed. And most servers don't have this.

This is a great tool and will make template life much easier!

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