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Originally posted by Parker Clack
When you import a template do you have to delete the other template first before importing or does it just write over the top of the old one?

I agree that a file that is created that you could download as one big file would be great. What if you wrote it so that all of the information is written to one file, like the style file is, and then you could just import that one file back in.

This is a great idea and I know it will be utilized a lot around the sites with vB.

Thanks again,
If you import a template that already exists, the original template is overwritten (if it's a modified template), and if it's a default template a new template is added to the template set. (don't worry, it's exactly how it works with the admin cp )

Doing what you just said, exporting to one file and importing from it, is exactly how it's being done today.
This is a bad way to upgrade, IMO (and others'), and it's why I created this script.
So doing what you suggested will actually be a step back.
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