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Good Grief Chen,

I don't know which is better. The new hack for including WOL links. Or this. Or the Advertisement hack.

They are all great. I have been backing up my templates into text files by hand since I purchased vBulletin. This is unreal. What took me a half hour now litteraly takes me less than 5 seconds. And the select what templates to import and export....all I can say is WOW. I went ahead and added it to the Admin CP.


Question: When downloading a template set other than the default it always says that it downloaded the default. What might cause this? It seems to be backing up the correct template set, but for some reason it says default no matter what the name of the template set is. Sorry if someone already asked.

Question: I am not seeing a section that says downloading Users Custom Templates. What might be the cause of this? Sorry if someone already asked.


Thanks Chen.

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