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Originally Posted by mrhobby View Post
Well, lets just say then, he's getting what he deserves. No "yeahbuts" about it. Does that work for you?

He's done the same sort of thing on my site and I didn't come running to you folks about it.

When someone gets into that sort of unethical behaviour, masquerading as a member he's about to ban, trying to cover up legal issues, there is NO defence for his actions.
None of that is proven nor is it relevant to the OP. The OP is about whether someone could get a particular Mod's PHP code coming up in a page source code from a browser. And no, it can't happen. Therefore the creator of the photoshop job is a psychopathic liar. And anyone who believes him/her is a dupe.

All this other stuff is "yeahbut" deflection and isn't relevant at all to the issue.