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Originally Posted by varma333 View Post
can any one explain me how to install ibpro arcade

Start off by uploading all the files needed.

* The entire /arcade folder to your forum's root directory
* The files in the /admincp folder to your forum's /admincp folder
* The files in the /includes/xml folder in your forum's /includes/xml (create if not existing) - those files are needed for a later Upgrade to vBulletin 3.5.0
* arcade.php and holdsession.php to your forum's root folder
* installer.php to your forum's root folder

i have done till here


what does this mean ?

Next Chmod the /arcade/ directory and all its subfolders to 0777 ?

rename folder and subfolders name to 0777 ????/
plz help me
I'm with you. I don't understand this line in the instructions either! And I haven't found an explanation here in the forums. Can anyone help me? I can't pay. Thanks.