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Originally Posted by puertoblack2003 View Post
Nevermined... I got a working mod here
I'm sorry to hear you are unwilling to attempt to resolve the mod conflict you're experiencing (ref. the thread @ our forum). If another user surfaces that is willing to answer our questions we'll be able to resolve it

Originally Posted by kingMOB View Post
Nice modification, hope it works with the Instant New Thread Modification.
We've not tested it with that modification, but presuming it uses the thread DataManager then it will work

Originally Posted by kingMOB View Post
But, a little problem here, in the "Source Forums" option, there's no options at all, just a "forums:all" text. vBulletin 4.08.
Your vB version is probably too old to support the forum selector. Please try upgrading to vB 4.1.12 or vB 4.2.0

@all: This Friday we'll be releasing a Patch Level 1 that fixes issues with posting special characters (such as Arabic text) - or you can grab a hotfixed version @ our site right now

Support is ONLY available @ our website, not via modification threads, Private Message or email.
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